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NMCHL is committed to tackling the most pressing housing issues facing New Mexicans, so our work is always evolving. This work is done in partnership with state legislators, city council members, grassroots organizations, nonprofits, and housing justice organizations and advocates to promote and implement policies and initiatives that address and improve housing stability across the state. Check out some of our current project below! 

Source of Income Discrimination

Eviction Sealing & Expungement

State vs. Local Authority
(Rent Control)

In 2022, the City of Albuquerque passed legislation to prohibit discrimination against renters based on source of income (SOI). NMCHL is working on further statewide SOI efforts as well as enforcement of the SOI ordinance in Albuquerque.

Uniform Owner Resident Relations Act 

Tenants who have been evicted suffer severe downstream consequences resulting from the "scarlet E" that follows them for life. NMCHL is working on sealing/expungement legislation, which will allow tenants to find rental housing without the burden of an eviction record.

Mobile Home Parks & Option to Purchase

New Mexico law purports to ban rent control, rather than leaving the decision-making power about housing affordability to cities and counties of our state. NMCHL advocates for local voters to decide whether and how rent control might meet their local needs. 

And More!

Legislative updates to the New Mexico Uniform Resident Relations Act (UORRA) are much needed. Timeframes for evictions are some of the shortest in the country and protections for tenants are inadequate. NMCHL is committed to working with stakeholders to fight for updates to UORRA during the next legislative session.

When mobile home parks go up for sale, tenants should have the option to purchase the parks that they have made their homes. NMCHL is exploring pathways to such purchases and potential legislation in this space. 

NMCHL works to address the most pressing housing issues facing New Mexicans, so our work is always evolving and shifting to meet current needs.

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